Think back to your childhood. Can you remember what Christmas felt like as a young child? Do you remember how magical it was? As a child, Christmas brings happiness, love, and making memories. As an adult, Christmas means sharing those special moments with family and friends and watching the children’s faces when they open up that special gift.

Tragically, many families in the north west do not get to experience the magic of this special holiday. Some cannot afford to buy gifts for their children, or can’t even afford to buy food to have a Christmas dinner. The small things we take for granted may be out of reach for someone else.

We are The Christmas Foundation, made up of a passionate board of directors who are constantly working to come up with new ideas, each with the same goal in mind, to help children at Christmas.

It is the object of The Christmas Foundation to provide Christmas related activities to all disadvantaged children. This is to include, but not limited to a Christmas party for at least 500 children, some of whom, with terminal illnesses, may not reach their next Christmas.

It is important to us that these children enjoy Christmas without having to worry if Santa is going to make it to their house this year. We like to give the parents a piece of mind knowing that their children will not feel the burden of the hardships they might be going through.

Paul and Vicki Lally, began the foundation in 2017. It was something they had dreamed of for many years, partly from Paul’s many years of fundraising whilst serving for the Merseyside Fire & Rescue service and more recently after they created the very successful ‘Christmas Decorators’ company in their hometown of Formby.

Ultimately, after a long period of IVF treatment, it was the unfortunate loss of their unborn twins that was the true catalyst to the formation of the Christmas Foundation. Through their own pain and suffering, Paul and Vicki knew this was the right time to put back into their community

Following this personal tragedy, Paul and Vicki both found it important for them to carry a permanent reminder of their loss, a tattoo of two doves, symbolising their loss. These doves are now present within the foundation’s logo, in memory of baby Sophia and baby Sienna.